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Longtime owners of a WordPress website already have their favorite plugins. They tried them once and never got rid of them. It is because they offer good quality and don’t slow down the website.

But imagine an owner having 10 go-to plugins and want to install them on a new site? For example, you’ve set up a redirection and want to install all of them on the new site? They would need to go one by one, and it would take a lifetime to do it. Sitting in front of a PC and installing them can be dull and time-consuming.

But that can be avoided by just having one plugin that will help you with that. The unsung hero by the name WP Reset. It is a versatile plugin that can help you with a lot of things. It can be your own time machine when you mess up or your personal superhero. More about these options later – we are here for the collections feature.

It is a feature that will let you add a new collection and then install it with just one single click. In that collection, you can store however favorite plugins and themes you have. This is the most useful trick for installing plugins or themes that you already used. You can create as many as you want collections – there is no limit. When the time comes for the installation of them, as we already said, just one click is necessary, and your job is done. Everything after that is in the hands of Wp Reset.

It is also very helpful that this tool keeps all your collections in the cloud. That way, they will be accessible from any site that you build. The Creating of the new collection is basically a walk in the park since you can do it in literally 2 mouse clicks. The first click is on the Add new collection button – then you need to name your collection and confirm it. After that, you will see your collection below, where you can continue to edit it however you like.

Of course, it will be empty, and you need to add the themes and plugins that you want to it. After that, all that is left is to click install, and your job is done. Except for this awesome option, there is a lot more to this tool. As we said before, it can be your own time machine. If you installed a plugin that crashed your site, WP reset can fix it by going back to the moment before everything went to hell.

Or if you want to erase everything from your site and reset WordPress – to have a whole new canvas for you to work on it. All files, all options, and database entries can be gone with their Nuclear Reset option. Nevertheless, it also fixes the annoying White screen that almost every owner had issues with, and you can fix it by opening the recovery tool that WP reset provides.


In the end, we can say that installing your favorite 20 WordPress plugins one by one is just insane! Time is money! And less time you spend on installing – the more time you have to get those coins.

So, cut yourself some slack, and let WP Reset install and activate your favorite tools like a champ!